Black Forest carver's tube. The carver in manufactures farm piece of furniture, creches, figures, coats of arms, honorary coats of arms, wall reliefs, sign, monument

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Carver's Workshop


Carver's Workshop

Münsterhalden 7

79244 Münstertal

Black Forest


Tel.:+49 7636 1300

Fax:+49 7636 1334


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Carver's Workshop


Kunsthandwerk - Schnitzerstube im  MünstertalA house full of unique sculptures and carvings

in Münstertal, one of the most beautiful valleys of the black forest next to the Belchen(1415m). The house consists of hand-made works of art. Each piece is unique.


The museum is open only on request.
From 2015, we also offer a comfortable holiday flat for 2-7 people.

Familiy Horstmanshoff

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Tel.: +49 7636 1300

Fax: +49 7636 1334